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Digit Fleet Management Solutions, An Advanced Automotive Franchise

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Digit Fleet Management Solutions, An Advanced Automotive Franchise

Digit Fleet Management Solutions, An Advanced Automotive Franchise

Digit Fleet Management Solutions has been in business for over 14 years, built a remarkable franchise with more than 115 dynamic franchisees across South Africa, and plan to double this in the next five years.

“Digit caters for fleet owners who want more control over their business vehicles and drivers, whilst improving their efficiency and customer service. Digit is a one-stop solution for anyone who owns vehicles that they do not drive themselves. Our system includes forensic tracking, diesel monitoring and on-board camera solutions – there is nothing more a fleet owner would want”, says Lee Bester, Franchise Development (HQ). “It is the only vehicle tracking and fleet management service provider of its kind and size in South Africa that offers services to its clients through independently owned branches, with the franchisor only acting as the supplier of the technology”.

Today, GPS and cellular correspondences form part of everyday use, so understanding the premise of the technology utilised by Digit isn’t advanced science, however, it is the top features Digit offer that places them at the front line of this ever-expanding innovation.

The Products

Digit Fleet and Fuel Management give a full range of digital solutions for the planning and masterminding, transport, and end user market to reduce loss or alleviate risk. Digit’s top of the line innovation offers great quality equipment stretching from Mobile DVR structures to permit video recording and live steaming of vehicles, drivers, and occupants.

The product range has also been extended to include the famous DFuel system which is a complete fuel measuring solution that screens fuel levels in vehicles and storage facilities, to monitor and reduce fuel theft. It is capable of reporting fuel levels live, 24/7, updates reach your desktop within seconds of being measured.

The Franchise

The cost of a turnkey franchise starts at R450 000 excluding Vat. No royalties, marketing fees or management fees are payable.

This investment includes:

  • The right to use and operate under the Digit brand and concept;
  • Access to intellectual property and data; full franchisee and staff training and on-going training;
  • Initial legal costs;
  • Full Digit vehicle branding for two vehicles;
  • A fully operational website and email domain;
  • A laptop;
  • A marketing kit including two sets of business cards and various items of apparel and collateral;
  • A standard tool kit and start-up stock.

Investors should make provision for working capital of approximately R50 000–R100 000. Easy formulas are provided which help in calculating the feasibility of the business plan.

Franchisees buy products from Digicell (HQ) and re-sell them together with installation and support to their customers. Franchisees benefit from regular income which means a deal made today remains profitable for many years to come.

Training and Support on offer

Over the last 14 years, Digit has perfected the start-up process for opening a new branch. Digit HQ benefit from their experiences and lessons learned to boost franchisees to the required drive, to enjoy the returns on their investment.

With only a few days’ training, new franchisees can hit the ground running. Digit essentially is a very easy business to start up and succeed in, if you follow the proven training and guidance given. Like any other business, it requires hard work and perseverance, but the rewards are exciting and long-lasting.

Franchisees benefit from a skilled management team that offers:

  • Hands-on assistance and support,
  • Excellent financial discipline,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Creativity,
  • Industry expertise and
  • A strong desire to help others succeed.

Are you their next Franchisee?

The Digit franchise is perfect for business-minded people that have an interest in the automotive industry and a decent grasp of current technology with a desire to stay ahead.
The ability to go out and develop relationships to local clients in your area will be the key to your success.

Looking into the future

Digit intends to introduce five more independent products and is extending its’ marketing efforts to grow the brand and customer base.

Digit also plans to expand into the rest of Africa and beyond, and to offer Master License opportunities in East and West Africa. “There are opportunities for anyone who has the appetite for a new and rewarding challenge and we welcome anyone wishing to enjoy the opportunities at hand,” says Bester.

The economic climate in South Africa has undergone a massive shift in the past six months. One should not look at the situation and assume that all is bad, because if everything stays the same, then nothing changes. Opportunities don’t appear out of nowhere, you have to create them and then use them the best you can,” ends Digicell founder and CEO Rordon Cowley.

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