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H2O|BWT Franchise On Water Week Explains The Terrifying Truth About Plastic Pollution

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H2O|BWT Franchise On Water Week Explains The Terrifying Truth About Plastic Pollution

H2O|BWT Franchise On Water Week Explains The Terrifying Truth About Plastic Pollution

  • Plastics contribute around 85% to recorded beach litter. Globally about 8 million metric tons of plastics leak into the ocean each year, an amount that could easily double in 10 years with our ever-growing demand for plastic packaging.
  • 61% of this is single-use plastic items like water bottles. Plastic is often utilised for just a few moments but remains on the planet for a few hundred years.
  • This litter pollutes oceans and kills sea life when they ingest it.
  • Not only does plastic waste choke planet earth – polluting the air, water and soil which people and animals need to survive –  but our bodies too! Studies have shown that toxic elements from plastic can leech into our bodies.

Drinking tap water, especially if it’s purified, is much better for your health and the environment than bottled water.

Water purification in homes and offices is becoming more and more necessary and popular.

We need to create more Planet Blue Zones (a Zone where no single-use plastic bottles are being used)! That is why the demand for H2O products is increasing and that is why our business is growing in leaps and bounds.


Changing the way we design, use & reuse plastic

As this plastic crisis continues, global organisations like WWF and local ones like The Beach Co-op are leading the way forward to “help reimagine how we source, design, dispose of and reuse the plastic materials communities most depend upon.” Because, while plastic can help make hospitals safer, food last longer, and packages more efficient to ship; it has no place in nature. WWF is fighting for a world with no plastic in nature by 2030. “It’s a world where our oceans teem with marine life, not discarded nets, bottles and bags. Where no human breathes the toxic fumes of burning plastic. And where every indispensable plastic product is used to make another. It’s a world where people and nature thrive together.”

At H2O | BWT we recognise that water is both the elixir of life and a limited resource. We are committed to working sustainably, conserving the precious resources of our planet while treating existing water on site to make it available at the desired quality.

Working Towards A Bottle-Free Zone | Bottled Water & The Environmental Impact | BWT Africa

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